site-specific projects in unconventional Bucharest spaces

October 15 – 25, 2015


Thursday, October 15, 6 pm

From October 15 to October 25, ART ON DISPLAY 2nd edition, financed by the Cultural Center of Bucharest City – ARCUB through the “Ești Bucureşti” program, will visually animate the city, transforming it into a temporary art gallery and hosting site-specific exhibitions and installations in its commercial windows and other public spaces. This take on urban space proposes itself a reflection on contemporary aesthetic stage of the city, focing a dialogue with the everyday life commercial images excess. By creating some sort of rhythm of a daily walk through the city by means of art works and interventions, one could sense a tension between the seduction images constructed by marketing industry and those generated by the artists ‘need for reclaiming visible and accessible space within the city.

The eleven especially produced projects, invited by artist Irina Botea and the Ephemair Asociation team (project coordinator) - artist and cultural manager Suzana Dan and cultural manager Silvia Rogozea – will be presented as insertions into spaces that will temporarily reformulate their functionality and identity. The artists participating to ART ON DISPLAY#2 are: Octav Avramescu, Liliana Basarab, Larisa David, Jon Dean, Claude & Dersch, Gonzalo Escobar, Arantxa Etcheverria, Ioana Gheorghiu, Kiki Mihuță, Carmen Nistor, Bogdan Olaru, Delia Popa, Lucian Sandu Milea and Silllyconductor.

On Thursday, October 15, starting with 6 pm, we cordially invite Bucharest residents to an unconventional opening, an urban promenade guided by the participating artists, with a starting point at the pole position on ART ON DISPLAY map: 35 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd. (Villeroy & Boch space), whilst the wining finishing point will be 53 Carol I Bd. (Carol 53 space).

We welcome everybody from October 15 to October 25 to the following spaces: 35 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd. (Villeroy & Boch space), 1-3 Gara de Nord Sq. (intervention in the North Train Station space), 143 Calea Victoriei Bd. (S&A Interior space), 141 Calea Victoriei Bd. (intervention in the George Enescu National Museum space), 5 Piața Amzei St. (A5 space), 114 Calea Victoriei Bd. (Musette Kube space), 81 Calea Victoriei Bd. (As Travel space), 2 Georges Clemenceau St. (The Art of Living Gallery space), 9 Edgar Quinet (Cărturești Quinet space), 53 Carol I Bd. (Carol 53 space).

ART ON DISPLAY maps are available in the area of the participating spaces and on www.artondisplay.ro – each location displaying the art intervention details.

Whilst the first ART ON DISPLAY edition focused on Calea Victoriei area, the ten then especially produced art interventions enjoying both large public and professionals acclaim, in 2015 we’re extending the project to different areas of the city. ART ON DISPLAY has already been present this year within the While Night of the Galleries#9 program: two interventions in the Musette and George Enescu National Museum spaces, AESTIVAL ART ON DISPLAY continuing all summer long at 114 Calea Victoriei with monthly artistic interventions.

ART ON DISPLAY Bucharest, 2nd edition, is a project initiated and organized by Ephemair Association, financed by the Cultural Center of Bucharest City – ARCUB through the “Ești Bucureşti” program. Institutional Partner: MNAC – National Museum of contemporary Art. Law Affairs Partner: Țuca, Zbârcea & Asociații. Partners: George Enescu National Museum, Cărturești, CFR S.A, Musette, The Art of Living Gallery, Villeroy & Boch, S&A Interior, As Travel, Carol 53, Corcova - Roy & Dâmboviceanu, Peroni.

Media Partners: Revista Arta, Radio România Cultural, Radio France International, The re:art, Igloo, Zeppelin, TV City, Senso TV, UNREST/ BUCHAREST, Bookblog, Weart.

Further details on ART ON DISPLAY are available at www.artondisplay.roor the Ephemair Association’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Asociatia.Ephemair Contact: ephemair@gmail.com